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This is a group dedicated to shipping Grovyle and the hero from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. This ship is also known as CessationShipping or NostalgiaShipping, and we welcome anyone who supports it!
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 11, 2010


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176 Members
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All right, guys! Here are the winners!

(drum roll)

First Place:
Crystal vs. Azelf by Ranekochan by Ranekochan
The pose is so awesome, and the coloring is quite lovely! :aww: Crystal Cave is also a pretty good setting for this assignment, which I suppose is why it was a popular choice. ;)

Second Place:
- Role Reversal Contest Entry - by JCBrokenLight by JCBrokenLight
Another one with awesome coloring/effects and posing! Plus I just think it's kinda cool that the hero is a grass-type just like Grovyle... :P

Third Place:
Role Reversal Assignment Entry!Crystal Crossing.
Almost no-one knew of that place nor about what it held deep within its confines, all the way below the solid and opaque crystal flooring. How this place was able to remain sturdy and unharmed from the constant fighting of the rogue and wild baffled those who were smart enough to manage to find the descending mystery dungeon that is Crystal Crossing. There was a time where is was only just a long and boring pathway leading lower and lower into the Earth but, due to the flow of time starting to falter, it had turned into one of the most intriguing types of mazes that could be found during this time.
The small crystal staircases, the long and narrow paths, the constant changing of the land all seemed to rile up the usually gentle pokemon that lived here; each now recklessly attacking those who happened to cross their path. If there was one word to describe this place now, it would be 'chaos'.
However, that was the least of the duo's concern at the moment-- they couldn't
by N-ugatory--Vibrato
While a bit close to the game's text, it's the only fanfic entry, which is pretty darn cool! Plus, the descriptions of the heroine were good, and it has the bonus of using Munchlax for the partner, which is something I don't see all that often.

Well, there you go! Remember, the prizes are as follows:
:bulletgreen: Everyone who entered will get a feature in my journal (should last for a few weeks)
:bulletgreen: All three winners can have a stamp of their choosing (can relate to Hero/Grovyle, but doesn't have to!)
:bulletgreen: Ranekochan can request drawing from both me and luner-tigher
:bulletgreen: JCBrokenLight and N-ugatory--Vibrato can request a sketch/line-art from me.

Thanks so much for entering, everyone! I tried my best to not only pick out some especially awesome winners, but also some people who I don't think have won before. Again, you all made it so hard to pick out just three, since everyone was pretty great!

(And sorry again for taking a month away, I really can't say enough how bad I feel that it happened during an assignment! :noes: )
More Journal Entries

Group Rules

:bulletgreen: Since this is a Hero/Grovyle group, all submissions should relate to them in some way; no other shipping pics (Grovyle/Celebi, Hero/Partner, etc.) will be allowed.

:bulletgreen: No pictures with character bashing are allowed, even if said character is part of another popular ship with the hero or Grovyle.

:bulletgreen: To prevent floods in people's in-boxes, submit no more than three (3) deviations a day.

:bulletgreen: Both hetero and slash are allowed; I don't care if you have a female or male hero. ;)

:bulletgreen: All mature content is allowed as long as it is marked properly!

:bulletgreen: Pics with your hero in their human form go in the "Human Hero" folder. Likewise, if you drew the hero as a Pokémon, submit to the "Pokémon Hero" folder. That's simple enough, right?

:bulletgreen: If you wanted to draw Grovyle as a human/anthro/etc, put your deviation in the "Grovyle Gijinka" folder, whether or not your hero is a human, okay?

:bulletgreen: Fanfics are also allowed. However, only submit one chapter per day, so people have more time to read them!
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Similarly, if you have a Hero/Grovyle comic, you may submit one page per day.

:bulletgreen: You can draw the hero or Grovyle by themselves, but if you do, put them in the "Other" folder.
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: This should be really obvious, but... While the hero by him/herself is still PMD-related, make sure Grovyle by himself is the PMD2 Grovyle, okay? This is a PMD2 club, so no random other Grovyles!

:bulletgreen: Submissions are members-only. You may add non-members' art to the :+fav:s, though.
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Members may submit art from non-members, but this will count towards your 3-per-day limit. Also, in order to actually submit your own art yourself, you must be a member.

:bulletgreen: Cross-over pics are allowed, as long as you can clearly see that PMD2 is involved. This is another thing that would go in the "Other" folder.

:bulletgreen: When submitting to the "Group Avatars" folder, make sure that your submission is 50x100 pixels instead of 50x50! Also, you should at least have either your hero with Grovyle or text along the lines of "Hero x Grovyle / Cessationshipping / Nostalgiashipping" somewhere on the avatar. Both would be nice, but either one will suffice if you ran out of room.
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Preferably, your hero should also be one of the available in-game heroes, just so it's easier to tell that it's from PMD2.

:bulletgreen: This should go without saying, but no bashing other members! If I get complaints about someone more than once, I might remove you from the group!

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So I do have an entry however I am unable to try to submit it...
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